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As members of the National Trust for Scotland Dumfries and Galloway Countryside Team, we manage properties across Dumfries and Galloway, including Threave Estate and Nature Reserve; Rockcliffe Property; Venniehill; The Murray's Isles and Bruce's Stone. Our task is to conserve and maintain the variety of habitats and species present, at the same time managing the sites for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

25 September 2013

Threave Osprey Update:

The Threave Ospreys have now all left for West Africa! The two juvenile left on the 12 and 13th of September. Let’s hope they have a safe journey south to either Senegal or Gambia, which is where most British Ospreys migrate to.

There is still lots to see at Threave Estate, the wintering wildfowl are starting to come in. Soon we will have the flocks of pink-footed, greylag and white-fronted geese.

We will also have more duck species such as pintail, teal, wigeon and gadwall. Waders will also increase such as snipe and lapwing. Soon the migration of fieldfare and redwing will be coming from Scandinavia. They will be feeding on all the hawthorn berries.

If you like your wild foods. There are plenty on the nature reserve. Fat, juicy blackberries, elderberries and a few sloe berry.

21 September 2013

The naming of osprey juvenile - Gelston Primary School

The making of one juvenile osprey for naming game.

Winning osprey name - Dipper!

Winning osprey name - Sophie!

Pinning the fish (with osprey names) blindfolded on to target below osprey talons.

Osprey quiz for kids at Threave.

Osprey Nest for kids to get an idea of sheer size of nest.

The making of one of the juvenile for osprey naming game.

13 September 2013

Threave Osprey Photos:

Juvenile Osprey seen flying at Ken Dee Marshes. Photo by Lynne Ainsworth.

Juvenile Osprey seen from Stepping Stones Hide, Threave Nature Reserve - Thanks Lynne Ainsworth for another great photo.

11 September 2013

Threave Osprey Update:

Threave Estate. Plenty of enjoyable walks and come see the geese and duck over autumn and winter.
Threave Osprey News:

The male osprey (Black 80) has left the Threave nesting site over the weekend. I think the bad weather may have had something to do with it!

He has done his job, both juvenile are hunting fish and looking in good condition for migration. We didn't see them at all over the weekend (due to bad weather) and then had views of both juvenile on Monday and Tuesday. It won't be long before they also head south.

Yesterday a member of the public saw one of the juvenile osprey have a tussle in mid air with a red kite. That must have been an awesome sight! One I have been lucky enough to witness a few times at Threave. My money is on the osprey winning, it’s a more powerful bird of prey!

So once the ospreys migrate, we have lots more wildlife to look forward to viewing in October. The migration south of greylag, pink footed and Greenland white-fronted geese. Whooper swan, pintail, teal, wigeon and waders such as snipe and lapwing.

So get out your winter woollies, come see these interesting birds and flocks of geese and duck. It’s a spectacle to behold!

Osprey Ranger - soon to be Duck/Geese Ranger.

07 September 2013

Threave Osprey Update:

The male and two juvenile are still here at Threave nature reserve. We are still getting good views of them bringing in fish and feeding on the two perch's to the left of the nest.

On Wednesday one juvenile brought in a flounder, so therefore it had been to the coast to catch it, as they are flat fish and only on the coast.

With the recent colder, wetter weather we may see the osprey go south soon and head towards West Africa. This will be the first long distance flight for the juvenile and a hazardous journey. Only 50% of juvenile osprey survive their first migration.

One of the osprey volunteers got a great view of a juvenile barn owl on Tuesday evening. She watched it for about 15 minutes from the pier in front of the castle. It was sitting on the boat just in front of her. Awesome!

Come and see the Threave osprey before they leave!!

Have a good weekend.

Osprey Ranger.

05 September 2013

Autumn Wild Foods - 21st September:

Autumn Wild Foods
At Threave Nature Reserve

21st September, 2pm to 4pm.

Come along with the ranger and learn about wild foods and their folklore. Also learn some bush-craft skills. This is an event for all the family.

Price: Adults £2, Children £1.

Tel: 0844 4932245 Booking essential.