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As members of the National Trust for Scotland Dumfries and Galloway Countryside Team, we manage properties across Dumfries and Galloway, including Threave Estate and Nature Reserve; Rockcliffe Property; Venniehill; The Murray's Isles and Bruce's Stone. Our task is to conserve and maintain the variety of habitats and species present, at the same time managing the sites for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

31 May 2012

Osprey Update 31/05:

Down at the opsrey nest there seems to be some positive signs. The opsreys appear to be showing behaviour indicative of incubation of an egg. The opsreys have been seen to be constantly sitting on the nest, which hopefully means we have some eggs in there. Luckily within a month or two we will see some little opsrey faces poking their beaks out of the nest.


  1. Gavin and Ann RobsonSaturday, 02 June, 2012

    This is good news, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed. We were there on holiday last summer and saw the chicks not long before they fledged, then back in April when we saw the male bringing new material to the nest. Hope to come back later in the summer to see how things are going and it is great to have the news via your blog in the meanwhile.

  2. Very interesting updates on the ospreys. Looking forward to keeping up to date with news of some young very soon.

    1. are these the same pair as last year

  3. Thanks for your comments folks. The male is the same as last year but unfortunately something must have happened to the female from last year as it is a new female. Last years female was not ringed but this years female is. We have not managed to read the ring yet although we have seen that she has a blue ring which would indicate that she is from Dumfries & Galloway.