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As members of the National Trust for Scotland Dumfries and Galloway Countryside Team, we manage properties across Dumfries and Galloway, including Threave Estate and Nature Reserve; Rockcliffe Property; Venniehill; The Murray's Isles and Bruce's Stone. Our task is to conserve and maintain the variety of habitats and species present, at the same time managing the sites for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

20 July 2012

Osprey Update 20/07:

Over the past few days there have been numerous sightings of the chicks. We can confirm that there are 2 chicks. 

Come on down to the osprey platform to get some great views of the parents feeding the young.

These slightly out of focus shots show the female feeding the young who are just out of sight.

Osprey chicks take around 53 days to fledge. We believe that they hatched on or around the 5th July so this should mean that they will be fledging around the 27th August.

Next Sunday (29/07) wil be OSPREY DAY! Come on down to Threave nature reserve between 11am - 4pm for some osprey themed activities and to chat with the rangers and volunteers about ospreys.


  1. Ann and Gavin RobsonFriday, 20 July, 2012

    This is fabulous news - we were very sad when the previous female didn't arrive earlier in the year so good to hear things have worked out. Fingers crossed that all continues to go well, and really looking forward to our holiday in Dumfries and Galloway in August. We'll certainly be paying a visit to the Ospreys then.
    Also keep up the good work on the blog - it's really great to hear news from that beautiful part of the world.

    1. Hi Ann & Gavin,
      Glad you're enjoying our updates. The chicks should be well on their way to fledging by the time you come to visit in August. We expect that they will be fledging around the 27th. In the mean time we will try and keep you up to date with any interesting goings on.